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Due to the success, dedication and diligence of working on the eTwinning platform, participating and coordinating numerous award-winning projects at European level, our kindergarten was awarded with the title of eTwinning School.

An experience of wind, the color of the air

With the project “An experience of the wind, the color of the air” we have enhanced the creative expression of children, expanded the use of web 2.0 tools, collaborative creation and environmental education. Children were provided with activities with a variety of materials that are driven by wind in nature, by the movement of air through different devices (a fan) or by their rapid and different movements in nature. The partners have arranged and organized an international exhibition of children’s art works, which was presented in Varaždin.

Certificate: An experience of wind, the color of the air

eTwinning unites us

The main objective of the eTwinnign unites us project, with partners from Croatia, Turkey, Serbia, Lithuania and Spain, was to cooperate and exchange photo documentation of the activities carried out, which represent excellent ideas for improving educational work. Intensive cooperation between partner schools has resulted in a rich exchange of the diverse children activities, which has been an incentive for everyone to improve their educational work. A video conference was also held with the project partners, through which the children presented their activities and learned from each other.

Certificate: eTwinning unites us EU

Children’s town

Children’s photographing of buildings, elements of architecture and city space started the project “Children’s town”. The next activity of the children was the recomposition of photographs and children’s suggestions for changes in the town. Through children’s activities, it was noticed that the town’s landscaping was not adapted to their daily needs. For example, children suggested that bicycle racks, playground fences along roads, etc. could be added. Children also suggested that the houses in the city could be colored with different and more intense colors. At their initiative, the idea of planting a tree that has fruits during whole winter and serves as food for birds was realized.

Certificate: Children’s town

Discovering new spaces

During the project we carried out activities outside the kindergarten, and especially got to know the museums, libraries, sports grounds and nature in our homeland. The partners exchanged activities of children related to the particular culture, as well as activities from exhibitions of multicultural contents, which contributed to the development of the cultural identity of children and the community in which they live, as well as getting to know the cultures of other nations. Along with the educators, parents, museum curators, librarians, tour guides, scouts, hikers and other members of the community participated in the activities

Certificate: Discovering new spaces

Water is the source of life

The project activities were implemented through two levels. In the activities of ecological contents the children got to know the water in nature and its significance for the whole living world of plants, animals and people. In the premises of the kindergarten, activities were carried out to investigate the aggregate states of water, filter water and investigate the refraction of light through water. The children noticed a new phenomenon related to water – refraction, which further expanded the activities of the project. The project was also enriched with children’s animation film activities on the subject of water circulation in nature.

Certificate: Water is the source of life