„CLOT – Common Language of Toys“

The CLOT project started in September 2013 and lasted for two years. Many activities, workshops and international meetings were organized during the project. The aim of the project was to develop activities that emphasize the importance of traditional toys and games in the learning process. As a permanent activity of the project, we have integrated into the curriculum of the kindergarten “Toy Day”, which is still held once a month and contributes to meeting the needs of power and self-actualization, as well as the social skills of children. Partners from Bulgaria, Latvia, Norway, Slovenia and Turkey participated in the project.

In order to show all the results of the project, we decided to make a book outlining all the activities carried out. We invite everyone to search through our book here: the CLOT booklet

After each project meeting, we published “CLOT news,” a short newsletter about the meetings held.

7. CLOT newsletter
6. CLOT newsletter
5. CLOT newsletter
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2. CLOT newsletter
1. CLOT newsletter