Kindergarten “Dječji svijet” 

Our kindergarten was established in 1995 and since then we record increasing number of children. Through our longtime pedagogic experience gained by working with children, through workshops and cooperation with parents, by means of shorter programs and playrooms, by partaking of children in events organized for their parents, through participation on numerous competitions, presentation of our kindergarten at different festivals and through permanent vocational training of our teaching staff, our kindergarten developed with children, for children.

Currently, we have a regular ten – hour program in the kindergarten, within which children go into nature twice a week, according to the principles of forest pedagogy. As special programs, we offer Program for Gifted Children, Abacus Soroban Program, Early English Learning Program, Preschool Program and the Playroom Program.

As a European Point of Excellence, we encourage the development of talent and collaborate with the community as well as numerous institutions across Europe. The kindergarten also has extensive experience in project implementation and has been recognized as an eTwinning school thanks to its quality work.

We are well known for the individualized and creative approach in the activities of visual expression and the high level of cooperation and partnership with parents, as evidenced by numerous international and national awards and recognitions.

We employ two pedagogues, while psychologist, speech therapists and defectologist are included in the work as external associates.

Kindergarten “Children’s World” enables each child to develop maximum abilities, gives the feeling of being loved and cared for, supports the child’s individuality and specialty and encourages learning and development of creativity.

Why are we called “Children’s World”?



we want to enter into their “children’s world” together with children and to live as humanely as possible in the “adult world”

we want to preserve and develop, not destroy or exclude, the children’s way of thinking, imagining and feeling in the “adult world”

we want to develop sincere approach, love and creativity in all aspects of life along with our children

we believe that we too can learn a lot from our children and rediscover the “children’s world” within ourselves in order to be more creative, successful and better human beings.