The Kindergarten, „Dječji svijet“ was established in year 1995. Since then, we record increasing number of children. Through our longtime pedagogic experience gained by working with children, through workshops and cooperation with parents, by means of shorter programs and playrooms, by partaking of children on events organized for their parents, through participation on competitions, presentation of our kindergarten on different festivals and through permanent vocational training of our teaching staff, this kindergarten developed with children, for children.

Pedagogic work applied in the kindergarten is being conduct according to pedagogical standard and its goal is boosting the overall quality of professional and pedagogic work. We are achieving this by participating on many festivals, exhibitions and congresses. Beside many activities for children (like learning of foreign languages, participating in art, creative and sports activities) the kindergarten „Dječji svijet“ enables every child to develop his or her abilities to maximum. It also provides children with the feeling of being loved and cared for, it respects their individuality and personal traits, providing them with much more success, teaching them new ways of thinking, questioning and learning, being aware of themselves and to be self assured, enjoying and being contented in work and play and to be brave, independent, happy and staid.

What we think of you as parents is that you love your child with endless love and you wish all the best for him or her. We also think that you always have the best intentions and wishes about your child. Being a parent is a skill, which you naturally possess but you also should learn and should know more. Sometimes it is hard for you to participate in this process. You unnecessary feel disappointed because of your „failure“ as a parent or you’re expecting impossible things either from yourself or your child. Only if you are satisfied and happy you can make others happy as well, and be successful in loving yourself and your child so you need our kindergarten and the „child world“ in it. We call our kindergarten „Dječji svijet“ (child world) because: …we want to enter their „child world“ together with children and live in „adult world“ as much as more possible humanly …we want to keep and develop (not to destroy and banish) children’s way of thinking, fantasizing and feeling in „adult world“ …we want to keep developing children’s truly approach, love and their creativity within all aspects of life (learning, communicating, company…) …we believe that we can also learn much from the children and to rediscover „child world“ within ourselves so we could be more creative and successful.

To be as much as more successful in our work and to get it closer to you, we also decided to approach you with this form of communication.

Your kindergarten „Dječji svijet“